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The only non-sectarian girls' day school in New Jersey, Kent Place provides a rigorous and fulfilling education for more than 600 students in Kindergarten through Grade 12. We also offer a coed Junior Pre-Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten program, The Preschool at Kent Place. Our 26-acre campus in Summit, New Jersey, draws families from more than 80 communities.


We're the vibrant, visionary school with an innovative, integrated curriculum designed to educate and empower the next generation of female leaders. Our rigorous coursework challenges their brains, our spirited community supports their dreams and our Honor Code helps them learn, work, play and live with integrity and respect. Our students graduate with a strong dedication to academic excellence.


Kent Place offers visual arts, dance, theater and music instruction in all grades. Whether students sing or dance, play an instrument, act and direct or paint, draw and sculpt, they learn to see themselves — and their world — from a new perspective.


Go Dragons! Participation in athletics is an integral part of the overall school experience for our students, and our athletic teams are a source of pride for the Kent Place community. Our philosophy is to provide a competitive athletic program where our student-athletes can reach their full potential.

Student Life

From the first day of the school year, each class becomes a cohesive unit. Students support each other. The sense of community is strengthened through the many traditions throughout the year. In this atmosphere of acceptance and respect, students, teachers and coaches forge bonds that endure long past graduation.

Signature Programs

Kent Place demonstrates its commitment to providing unique learning experiences for students, faculty, staff and our community, within and beyond the school, through its signature programs. These programs augment the school's rigorous curriculum and spark the interest and imagination of our community from our Ethics Institute to our camp's Summer Academy.


Confident in their abilities and eloquent in their communication, our alumnae become leaders on college campuses, and later, in their workplaces and in their communities. KPS graduates succeed in a wide range of endeavors, from science and business to writing and the arts. Many alumnae maintain their bonds with KPS, coming back to campus for events and to share their experiences with students.


Support from our community is a vital element to Kent Place's mission of maintaining a tradition of excellence. Your contribution, no matter the size, enables the school to fulfill its commitment to the principles upon which KPS was founded — to inspire young women to leadership and to strengthen moral awareness.

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Alumnae Reflections: The Student-Athlete Balancing Act

by Kate McAloon '16

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The buzzword surrounding collegiate athletics is “balance.” Student-athletes are expected to fully commit themselves to both halves of this identity: academics and athletics. Beyond that, they should probably also find time for all the other aspects of young-adult life; think: eating, sleeping, hobbies, self-care, etc. I am a sophomore on the Bowdoin College women’s lacrosse team, and couldn’t be happier. My Kent Place experience taught me how to strike my own “balance” so I can find success on and off the field.

At KPS, my primary sports were soccer and lacrosse, and sandwiched between them I ran winter track. But, typical of a Kent Place student, I did more than just school and sports. My arguably overbooked schedule taught me two principle lessons: how to prioritize and time-management.

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I have heard, and I can attest, that student-athletes find their grades to be better when they are in season. On its face, the assertion that less time generates higher quality work may seem like a non sequitur. But I’d argue that not having time to procrastinate keeps student-athletes focused on getting things done efficiently. Kent Place taught me how to figure out what I should prioritize and make the most of my free time. There were often days at KPS when I spent my free periods chatting in the lounge. But there were also days when I had to use every spare minute during break and conference periods to do school work.   

I did have my fair share of late nights in high school; I still do now. However, the lesson I learned here is that the difference is made long before the deadline. I never thought I’d be thanking my KP teachers for regularly giving me long-term assignments. But, I learned to start early and spread out my work. This is how I set myself up for success.

In a similar vein, KPS gave me the skills I needed to step into my role on a new team and succeed. I learned how to communicate with coaches and opponents—but more importantlywith my own teammates. It’s critical to understand that not every member of your team is going to respond positively to the same language. It’s easy to build your teammates’ confidence by learning how to best talk to each individual, which will only make everyone play better together. Kent Place School taught me how to be an overall better teammate.

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Packed schedules come with being a KP student, regardless of athletic commitments. So, I’ll close with the biggest lesson KP taught me: it’s never bad to ask for help. I learned to always give 110 per cent in the classroom and on the field. At the end of the day, while the A+’s and W’s are amazing, your happiness should come first. Everyone around you wants to see you succeed — so use your potential and use your resources.

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Kate McAloon

Kate McAloon '16

Kate McAloon is an alumna of Kent Place School, an independent, nonsectarian, K-12 girls school in Summit, NJ, having graduated in 2016. She is currently on the lacrosse team at Bowdoin College.

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